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Public Finance

Serving as Bond Counsel & Underwriter’s Counsel

2014 Public Finance Experts of the Year – USA

LM Tatum, PLLC
named 2014 Public FinanceExperts of the Year-USA
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LM Tatum, PLLC earned its listing in October of 2011 in the Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace Red Book Directory as Bond Counsel and Underwriters’ Counsel serving as counsel to municipalities and school districts. This occurred within six (6) months of the firm opening its doors.

LM Tatum, PLLC has managed to make quite a respectable name for itself since its 2011 inception.  In that time, the firm has participated in over thirty (30) transactions serving approximately half of the time as Co-Bond Counsel and the other as Underwriter’s Counsel.  The firm serves as Co-Bond Counsel and Underwriters’ Counsel to municipalities, transportation providers, higher education authorities, hospital districts, airports, school districts, electric utilities and water authorities.  Through Lisa M. Tatum’s service as counsel, the firm has had the honor of serving, among others, Bexar County, Brooks County, CPS Energy, the City of Garland, the City of Grand Prairie, the City of San Antonio, the City of San Benito, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (also known as Houston METRO), Parkland Hospital, San Antonio Independent School District and the San Antonio Water System.

Lisa M. Tatum, leader of the Public Finance Team, has practiced in the area of public finance since 2004 serving as Co-Bond Counsel and Underwriter’s Counsel.  Since 2009, Ms. Tatum has worked on over 130 public finance transactions.  She has served as Co-Bond Counsel in over 40 transactions in the last five years and as Underwriters’ Counsel in over 85 transactions in the same number of years.  Many of these transactions involve a variety of strategies: new money issues, refundings, variable and fixed rate issues which include commercial paper, certificates of obligation, contractual obligations, convention center revenue refunding bonds, utility revenue bonds, aviation-related bonds, general obligation bonds, and revenue bonds.

LM Tatum, PLLC brings value to the table every time the firm provides a service.  Firm participation is strong and consistent bringing its knowledge and experience to every occasion.  The firm’s experience with serving as local government counsel is an added compliment to serving as Co-Bond Counsel and Underwriters’ Counsel. This experience brings a deeper appreciation and understanding of the entire process.